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Grant County!
Go to to get your weather and hazard warnings through Grant County Emergency Management, Grant County Sheriff Dept. and Marion Police Dept.
Warnings are available through text messaging and email


State Creates Free County Travel Status Mobile App

In addition to weather, the app will also include notifications with regard to flooding, hazardous materials spills and other events that could affect travel.

The Indiana Travel Advisory app is available to download for:
iPhone ( in the App Store, and
Android ( in the Google Play Store.

Features include:
Ability for users to set alerts for any county or counties they choose, up to every county in the state. When the travel status in a selected county is changed, the user will receive an alert notification.
Weather conditions for each county. Tapping on a county will display the temperature and an icon with the current conditions.
Contact information for county emergency management agencies, which are responsible for the status updates.