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Indiana Re-launches ‘See Something Say Something’ Campaign
Gov. Pence Encourages Hoosiers to Report Suspicious Activity

In light of heightened tensions following air strikes in the Middle East, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) and the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center are re-launching the “See Something Say Something” campaign.

The campaign uses public service announcements, posters, partnerships, social and broadcast media, websites and more, to ask citizens to watch for suspicious activity and report it to authorities.

“We want all Hoosiers who see something to say something,” said Governor Mike Pence. “If you identify what you think is suspicious activity, let those who are trained respond, but be their eyes and ears so they can better protect you and your loved ones.”

To report suspicious activity, contact local law enforcement or security, or the Fusion Center at 877.226.1026 or If danger is imminent, call 911. IDHS encourages everyone to program contact information for the Fusion Center and other public safety agencies into their phones so it will be easily accessible if needed.

For more information about the “See Something Say Something” campaign, go to and click on the “terrorism” link.

State Creates Free County Travel Status Mobile App

Indianapolis - The State of Indiana has created a free mobile app to provide Hoosiers with county travel status updates and alerts directly to their mobile devices.

“This new app will be a great on-the-go resource for citizens and visitors to Indiana,” said Governor Mike Pence. “The travel advisory map has been one of the most popular pages on the State of Indiana website, particularly during times of inclement weather. The app will be even more convenient, and we hope many people will use this as a resource to make informed travel decisions.”

In addition to weather, the app will also include notifications with regard to flooding, hazardous materials spills and other events that could affect travel.

Last winter, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) County Travel Status Map was the most visited page on, generating nearly 5 million unique visitors between December 1, 2013, and March 31, 2014.

The Indiana Office of Technology and IDHS collaborated on the project. The Indiana Travel Advisory app is available to download for iPhone ( in the App Store, and Android ( in the Google Play Store.

Features include:
Ability for users to set alerts for any county or counties they choose, up to every county in the state. When the travel status in a selected county is changed, the user will receive an alert notification.
Weather conditions for each county. Tapping on a county will display the temperature and an icon with the current conditions.
Contact information for county emergency management agencies, which are responsible for the status updates.

The app is meant to be used as part of a system to stay aware of changing travel conditions. Other sources include local news, travel, weather and social media sites and apps.

Indiana Travel Advisory is part of the family of apps. The state has developed 12 different mobile apps to help serve citizens, including the app (Apple and Android), which is a hub to access all the apps from the State.